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Software and consulting services to solve your problems


Being in the programming business, we write / develop custom software for various applications, and also do interactive web page designs.


-We provide the most-easy-to-use REMUNERATOR Payroll program for salary and wage processing.
-It is quick to install, easy to use, yet powerfull. The program may be downloaded free to review or use up to 10 employees.
-The payrol software keeps all your employee information, and contains a powerful formula that calculates all income and deduction items.
-The program is very intuitive to use, with a very clear payslip calculation screen and understandable payslip.
-Payrun information is presented in a column format report which clearly indicates how each payslip is made up, as well the totals amounts to pay.
-Our payroll software complies with SA legislation and SARS requirements, and calculates and correctly deducts all taxes like PAYE, UIF and SDL.
+ Our YE Feb'2013 version contains the new method for treating Medical Aid-contributions / expenses in terms of the new Medical Tax Credit requirements for calculating the correct Employee tax/PAYE value.
-Our site contains explanations concerning the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, in particular ..
+ How employees must be compensated for Public Holidays, when they have not worked, and when they have worked on such days.
-Standard Month End Reports are available, as well as customised reports for your monthly returns.
-The Payroll Program also generates the CSV file that is imported into the SARS EasyFile (E@syfile) program, to generate your Employee Annual and Bi-annual Tax Return / Declaration / Reconciliation (EMP501)S, and print Tax Certificates (IRP5 and IT3).

-Effective March 2018, the rules governing Travel Allowance has changed ... see our updated webpage

We also provide outsourcing services in running your payroll, for all of South Africa (SA).


System to control stock is a very important aspect of any business. This may be a s simple as having a store from which stocks are issued, to a slightly more elaborate system of booking out items, and thus keeping track of issues and stock levels. Important aspects are stock losses, but more importantly usage, re-order quantities. Our StoreIssues program addresses all these matters in a simple yet powerful application.


We provide an Order Entry,Invoicing, and Debtors program that is specifically designed to keep track of outstanding orders. Program is called JOB TRACKING.
- It also contains features such as ...
+ Calculates VAT at the prescribed rates, and in terms of South African (SA) legislation, can provide the user with the SA VAT on Payments instead of Sales.
+ Customer Profitability Analysis, which gives an indication how much profit each of you customers contribute towards.


Program called GenLedg, which is a General Ledger program, with some unique features....
- Use one master set of accounts, so no need to open another set of accounts when you create a new department or division.
- Unique built-in Finacial Report generator, allowing you to tailor your reports to your own particular requirements.
+ Management accounts shows all on one page the 12 twelve months figures of the year together with total, a historical and previous year column, and a budget column.
+ Allows for multiple Cost Centres or Departments, which allows you to monitor the profitability of your business per product line.
+ Annual financial accounts are generated at the press of a button, which consists of an Income Statement and Balance Sheet.


-We clarify the difference between Simple and Compound interest, and on calculating financial performance and growth. Specifically applicable to policy and contract type investments.
How to determine the Admin or Administration fees that are charged.
We provide a Investment Performance Calculator.
Our software program that helps you monitor your investments is called INVESTRIX. It gives you a birds-eye view of the performance, giving indications of what and when to buy and sell.


Our program allows you to computerize your practice, by firstly keeping the detail of all your patients on computer, but even more useful, generating a consultation report, showing details of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment prescribed, and also generates the prescription.


Having 20 years experience in the SA rubber industry, I now do consulting, helping to solve problems, but even more important putting systems in place to prevent problems.
Areas of interest are ...
-rubberlining, rubber hose, gaskets, rubber covered rollers, mixing, calendering, mill liners.
-compounding, formulation for Natural Rubber, Poly isoprene, Neoprene, Chloroprene, Nitrile, Butadiene, EPDM,


We attempt to give some insights into the working of computers and hardware components, programs and programming, as well as internet and web applications.
-On the subject of technology, we attempt to clarify the difference between analog and digital, especially in the light of our own SABC in South Africa (SA) wanting to convert from an analog to a digital TV signal.


Other interests include hiking and staying over at an overnight hut, this means having to carry everything you need with you. Needless to say, you will require a proper backpack bag, and a good pair of walked in boots
-Hiking trails reviewed are ...
+ Serendipity Trails, which essentially is a 2 day/ overnight backpacking trail



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as well as NewsFlashes on matters of Employment, Payroll, salary and tax calculations.

We provide payroll services to the whole of Ekurhuleni, which includes the towns of Benoni, Boksburg, Springs.
We also cover Tshwane, which includes Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion

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Pierre Myburgh.