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Suppliers of the REMUNERATOR payroll and employee management software
Providers of payroll outsourcing services.

Remunerator Payroll Software - Overview of the Remunerator Payroll and Employee Management software.

Download new Remunerator software - To install Remunerator on a computer for the first time.
Download upgrade Remunerator software - To upgrade to the latest version of Remunerator.

Glimpses of Program - View some screens of the program.
Outsource your payroll - Outsourcing, what it entails.
Payroll General Questions - Answers to niggling questions.

When is an Employee an Employee ? - Def's ito. IT Act, BCE Act, LR Act, OHS Act.
Employment Types and how to Tax ? - Reviews definitions of employees ito. the Inc.Tax Act (4th Schedule).
To appoint an Independent Contractor - Clarifies requirements ito. BCE Act, LR Act, and IT Act(4th Schedule).

SARS - Employers Tax Return - Bi-annual as well as Full-year Tax Reconciliation / Declaration.
SARS - EasyFile program problems - Tips on downloading problems, and using it.
SARS - EasyFile Tax Return generation - Simplified steps to generate your Employees Tax Return.

SARS - Travel Allowance unravelled - Clears up some confusion around Travel Allowances.
SARS - Company Car Benefit unravelled - Latest requirements for taxing a Company Car Fringe Benefit.
SARS - Motor Vehicle Costs Determined Rate Calc - Schedule to calculate the Expended Portion as an Allowable Deduction.

SARS - Retirement Funding changes - Eff. Mar'2016 - details of changes to the way Retirement Funding contributions must be taxed.

SARS - PAYE on Medical Aid contributions Eff. Mar'2012 - Overview and details of changes to the Remunerator Payroll software.

BCoE Act - Sick Leave pay entitlement - Guidelines on how much and when to pay Sick Leave.
BCoE Act - Public Holiday Rules - Guidelines on how employees should be compensated for Public Holidays.

LR Act - Discipline and Dismissal - Overview and Guidelines on process to follow to stay out of the CCMA.

TimeCalcs - Overview of our Time Attendance internet based software module.


-Remunerator Payroll software.
+Supplied by Serendipity Software. The program is easy to use, and may be reviewed or used free of charge up to 10 employees, and is available from this web site to download.
+Most unique features include...
*The program can handle all standard types of income and deductions, and comes pre-populated with many of the standard types of income and deduction items. A powerful formula allows the user to customize the program to suite their particular needs.
*A payrun is generated in the form of a batch and a unique report in column format can be viewed, printed, edited until you are happy, only whereafter it is posted which then updates the main database of the payroll program.
*Payslips are very understandable and have a similar layout to the very intuitive pay calculation screen.
*At month end, standard or custom reports are printed for your various monthly returns, ie. PAYE, UIF, SDL, Union levies, MEIBC (MIPFA) levies, provident and pension fund contributions. The program also generates the information for your accounting system, for drawing up your monthly financial accounts.
*The tax file is generated at the press of a button, in the required format that is imported into SARS Easyfile / E@syfile program, containing all the details from which your Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) report is generated to be submitted to SARS as part of your Bi-annual and Annual Tax Return.

-Payroll Outsourcing services
+At Serendipity Software we pride ourselves in providing the most cost effective payroll outsourcing. We use our own developed payroll software, which is the ideal testing ground for further imporving the program.
+Outsourcing your payroll allows you to focus on your core business without having to waste time and effort on complying with the various employee payment and tax requirements. You send us the data on which the wages and salaries must be compiled, we do the work, and send the processed information back to you on which the final remuneration payments are made. At month end we generate the various reports that you require for your monthly returns and accountings system.
+We will also generate your Bi-annual and Annual Tax Return for SARS, and even submit it on your behalf.

A good Payroll program involves more that just programming code. We need to be up to date with the latest requirements and trends in the employment and payroll business, including all the demamds that SARS place on Employers these days. Call us if you want to find out more about what we can do for you.

Pierre Myburgh