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SARS EasyFile / E@syFile program problems

Are you having problems downloading or installing the SARS EasyFile / E@syFile program? And having got into the program, do you not know where to start with the preparation of your Employee Tax Return which includes the Tax File, Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501), and printing of the Tax Certficates (IRP5).
You can contact the SARS call-centre at 0860 12 12 18 and you are guaranteed to only be frustrated

- The latest EasyFile/E@syfile program may be downloaded from SARS EasyFile download website
- Having introduced EasyFile / E@syFile around 2008, as SARS says to make things easier for Employers, have the size of the program increased with leaps and bounds.
+ Whereas it originally was around 30 MB, has it now grown to a around 70 MB. Chances are that you will have to download a new version every couple of months to comply with their latest controls built into the program.

Having downloaded the latest version, you can start the program, but it's totally unresponsive. The obvious problem is that you can not log in. This appears to be because somehow the program has downloaded the wrong version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The solution seems to involve uninstalling your current version of the JRE, and downloading version 6U43 (from For more info click on link at bottom of page.
- The only remaining problem now is that Java keeps on requesting that you re-load the latest version ..... which you certainly dont want to do, that is, until EasyFile possibly catches up with it.

CHANGES TO TAX FILE REQUIREMENTS (Eff for YE Feb'2014, Return due by End May'2014)
The following changes have been incorporated into the Tax File that is generated by your Payroll Program, that is imported into EasyFile to generate your Tax Return requirements.

-Employer Standard Industry Codes (SIC7)
Yet another set of codes have been compiled to specify the industry that your Organisation falls into .... good luck finding your approriate code.

-Employee Postal Address Structure
Whereas before, a 2 field structure was sufficient, is a much more ominous structure required, which include ...
+'Is the Employee's Postal Address a Street Address that is different to the Residential Address'
+Whether it's a P.O Box or Private Bag address
+... and then, the Postal Branch Number, Name and Code

-Employment Tax Incentive details

(Last updated: Jun'2013)
-Whenever you want to use EasyFile while connected to the Internet, may the above message come up and will you not be able to access EasyFile ... thus forcing you to upload the latest version. This may happen on numerous occasions as new versions come out .... at 80MB per download. If you use the EasyFile facilities that require you to be connected to the Internet, do you have no choice in the matter. If you use features that do not require Internet Connection, simply disconnect and you will be able to access EasyFile.


- More often than not the download bombs out ... the download speed reduces to zero, and appears to be completed, but has actually terminated prematurely. When trying to load or run the installation program, it gives an error: "Unexpected end of archive".
+ The download bombs out because it is so large and takes so much longer, which increases the chances of there being some kind of interruption during the download, forcing you to start again from the beginning, and costing you a good number of wasted MegaBytes in the process.
+ The problem seems to be more pronounced when using a wireless modem to connect to the Internet. Users with a Telkom ADSL fixed line connection seems to experience this problem less (if and when it is not out of order), and with ADSL relatively cheaper per MB, if the download bombs out you can just try and try again until it works.

- Solutions to the problem.
+ One solution suggested is to use Mozilla's FireFox browser, which is said to have a built-in "download manager", and better caters for such interruptions than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, allowing to you to pick up where it last bombed out, instead of having to start the download from scratch. On testing did this approach not really solve the problem.
+On browsing the web for "download manager" programs, we found one at, which after having to figure out yet another program, seemed to work ... but we still need to conclusively test it.
+ Another solution that seems to work most times is not to try and download the SARS Easyfile program during the day when thousands of other users are trying to access SARS' website... do yourself a favour and attempt the download of the install file after hours.
+We manage to download the latest version of EasyFile / E@syfile, and make it available to existing users of the Remunerator Payroll software.

(Last updated: Oct'2012)
- For the Mid-Year Tax Return due by the 31st Oct 2012, if you are printing your EMP501 form to sign and submit manually to a SARS office with your data file, you will notice a new message on each page nl. FOR PERSONAL RECORDS ONLY, NOT FOR SUBMISSION TO SARS
This should concern you since waiting in a queue to be served, you may be turned away because of the message.
- When you phone SARS's Call Centre to get clarity, if you are lucky after being on the phone for no less than 1 hour, and initially telling you that they dont know. After demanding to talk to 2 Supervisors and 1 Manager up the hierarchy, and another hour later, you will be told that a SARS Office will in fact accept this form with the notice, but that it wasn't a mistake on their part to generate the message and confuse all employers requiring to spend hours on the telephone to SARS, but that neither do they know what the purpose of the message is, nor even it's existance.
+ You may be told that the responsible person has to come into SARS because you will be required to sign on a small pad, which presumably is then imported onto their records, and if you send someone else that this person must be given Power of Attorney to sign on your behalf.
+ Should you ask them for some document to confirm this anomaly, will they not be able to provide any such thing, nor will they be able to point you to a page on their WebSite where you will be able to satisfy your concerns that what you were told is in fact true. But then we have come to know SARS, who doesn't know their ass from their elbow. (apologies for the French)
- When you then do take your file and forms to a SARS office, it turns out that they dont even require a signature, and you leave in a state of confusion.
+ On thinking about it later you realize that SARS is only trying to get away from keeping paperwork, and had put this rather badly worded message on their printouts to indicate that..... and you wonder why they hadn't told their Call-Centre Operators, Supervisors and Managers.

(Last updated: Jun'2012)
Most problems encountered with EasyFile is because of a corrupted Database file.
-This has now become aggrevated since Version 6.0.0 released around April 2012, in that when upgrading to this version, does EasyFile split your database file for each Employer. This may seem fine because it allows you to manage each Employer's data seperately ie. moving an Employer's data to (say) another computer. However.....
+The program was originally written to handle multiple Employers, and many of these features now seem to be out place where only one Employer is accessed at a time.
+A more serious problem may be that when you logout, a message comes up saying that the database is being closed (whatever that entails), and I can only dread to think what might happen to your data if you exit EasyFile without the logout process (ie. you have a power failure, or you computer hangs and you have to manually switch it off)

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Pierre Leon Myburgh