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Remunerator payroll software - Overview

The Remunerator payroll and employee management software is ideal for all sizes of business.
The payroll program contains a powerful formula that allows you to accurately do all your remuneration calculations, pay allowances like Travel Allowance, handle Medical Aid, Provident Fund and Pension Fund deductions, as well as UIF, PAYE and SDL.
Makes Month-End and Year-End a breeze!!!

- A Payroll Batch printout in Column Format for easy checking and correcting before being released for payment.
- Customized Month-End reports to make completion of the various Monthly Returns a breeze.
- Year-end Tax reports and file required by SARS Easyfile is generated at your leisure without having to duplicate your data files.
- Calculates the MEIBC / MIPFA (Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council) Leave and Bonus Pay based on Shifts Worked, at the press of a button.
- Date Based Message & Reminder feature, helping you to keep track of important tasks to do in the future.


+Keep record of all your employee detail, including.....
*A 320 character data block for general information / notes on each employee.
*Track Month to date, Year to date, and Employed to date figures for Input Values (ie. hours worked) and Nett Pay Values (ie. payments and deductions) of all Pay Fields.
*Keep account of Loans outstanding to Employees, and Savings accumulated by your Employees.

+Calculate your payroll, which may be daily, weekly, two weekly, monthly, yearly and includes....
*A powerful yet simple formula for doing most payroll calculations.
*Allows for charges to different cost centers / departments.
*Easy to use PAYE tax calculation.
*A very informative and understandable Payslip.
*A Batch Report containing the details of each payroll run.
*A Payment Schedule of the amounts to pay, with a coinage breakdown, bank details or cheque prompt depending on method of payment.

+At Month End,
*Print reports of all monthly aspects of Input Values and Nett Pay Values, and provide information for such returns like PAYE, UIF, SDL, MEIBC / MIPFA etc.
*Print a Consolidated GL Acconts Report containing the Account/Department and Amount that may be posted to your General Ledger Accounting System to incorporate all transactions of your payroll.

+At Year End,
*Print a report of all yearly aspects of Input Values and Nett Pay Values.
*Generates the CSV Tax File ito. the requirements of SARS, which is uploaded into their Easyfile program to save you from manually entering the data. Through Easyfile are your Tax Reconciliation and Annual Return generated, as well as the Tax Certificates for your Employees printed.

+In addition,
*Evaluate the rates paid to employees, using a Job Grade and Qualifications Grade system.
*Uses standard A4 paper for all reports and payslips, so your stationary costs are minimized.
*A Password that prevents access by operators to certain sections of the program, and changing important settings of the program.

-The payroll program comes setup ready to take into use with the most common fields, ie. Normal time income, Overtime income, Monthly Salary, UIF, PAYE deductions, etc. You may customize the program to suit your particular needs by amending these fields, or setting up new fields.

-The payroll software comes with a comprehensive operating manual (REM_OPMAN.DOC), which should answer all your questions, and provide you with all the information necessary to setup and run your payroll effortlessly and efficiently up to the program's potential.
+This Operating Manual roughly follows the sequence in which the Program is setup and run, so proceeding as you read through the Operating Manual will be the best way of getting started.

We do payroll outsourcing as part of the development process of our Payroll program and to keep up to date with changes in requirements and legislation. If you are looking for a hassle-free payroll outsource service, contact us for a quote.

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