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StoreIssues - stock control software

A stock control program, that monitors stock quantities in a store and highlights discrepancies and shortages.
It incorporates calculation of re-order quantities based on average usage, prompting when to re-order as well as expidite orders, allowing the user to only order on a monthly basis, and not running out of stock without having to keep excess quantities in stock.
Generates a monthly GL Report of transactions for easy incorporation into your General Ledger
Ideal for the small to medium size business that needs to keep and manage a stock of regularly used items.

StoreIssues is an easy to use program, providing you with features that .......

- Maintains a list of Stock Items, including details of supplier names, purchase price, issue price, etc....

- Records items ordered, received and issued.
+ keeping a Calculated In-Stock balance, which is compared with the Actual In-Stock balance and showing up any differences as either shortages or excesses. The program contains a self-correcting facility that starts every new month with the Actual In-Stock closing balance of the previous month, so that differences are isolated and highlighted in the month that they occurred
+ keeping a calculated On-Order balance, of orders outstanding from your suppliers.
+ calculating a Weighted Average Consumption figure for each Store Item.
+ ...using all of this information to calculate re-order quantities and prompting the user when to order, as well as when to expidite existing orders.

- Generates a consolidated list of GL Account Codes and Amounts of issued transactions, for easy entering into your General Ledger.
+ Especially suited in case of multi-department organisations, where issues are from a Store (Dept) to other Departments

- Accumulates historical information that allows you to filter and lookup useful data pertaining to past transactions.

- Provides for multi stores to be contained in one single profile.

Download New Program install file (Approx. download File Size 1.5 MB)

Pierre Leon Myburgh