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JobTracking Sales Software

An intergrated Order Entry, Invoicing and Debtors program, ideal for the small to medium size business. Incorporates a Customer Profitability Analysis tool that will give you answers at the press of a button.

Job Tracking is an easy to use program that provides you with features to.....
- maintain a list of Standard Products and Services
- maintain a list of your Customers and relevant information
- enter Orders Received, picking information from your Standard Products and Services
+ printing a Job Card, useful for processing the order
+ maintaining a list of Outstanding orders / jobs
- generate Invoices from your Order Bank
- process Payments Received, and offset against outstanding invoices
- process Settlement Discount, and Bad Debts easily
- print a list of Outstanding Invoices, or Statements per customer
- generate a consolidated list of Account codes and Amounts for entering into your GL

Other ingenious features.....
- keeps track of quantities ordered and delivered, showing quantities still owing
- provides useful production information about Slack and Latest Start Date or Required % Complete
- accumulates sales figures per customer for the last 12 months, which may be printed per salesperson, useful for setting sales targets and monitoring performance.
- contains a unique feature that re-assigns VAT associated with Settlement Discount, Bad Debts, etc. thus automatically adjusting the Output VAT amount
- makes provision for "payment based" Output VAT calculations
- keeps historical data of customer transactions, as well as details of invoicing for easy reference
- contains a built-in customer profitability analysis tool that will give you at the press of a button, an indication of the profitability of your various product lines, and very importantly, your customers ! We are working on graphing a Whale Curve, which gives a visual representation of the results, helping you to interpret things better.

Download New JobTracking install file (Approx. download File Size 1.8 MB)
Download Upgrade JobTracking install file (Approx. download File Size 0.4 MB)

Pierre Myburgh