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GenLedg - General Ledger and Report Generator software

For the discerning accountant ......
A specialized General Ledger program that incorporates a Financial Reporting feature.
Design your own Management or Financial Reports, to give the information you need about your organisation.... in concise form, at a glance.
Ideal for businesses that comprise multiple Departments, Cost Centres or Divisions.

Genledg is an Accounting and Financial Reporting program, with the following unique features .......

- Allows you to setup your accounts structure once, which is then used consistently across the organisation's departments, so no confusion or duplication.

- Easily facilitates the setup of reports, that does not require you to amend your report specifications every time an account is added or deleted.
+Capable of printing various Sub and Run Totals, as well as Financial Ratios for easy analysis of your information.

- Reports can be printed per department, for a series of departments, or consolidated for your whole organisation.

+prints your Management Accounts with two columns for the previous years, a budget column, 12 (or 13) months for the current year and a YTD total column ... all on one A4 page, giving you a birds-eye-view as things progress through the year.

+prints your Financial Reports (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) with the previous year comparative figures, at the press of a button.

You have to see it to believe it! - Pierre Leon Myburgh

Download New Program install file (Approx. download File Size 1.5 MB)