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Investment Performance Calculator

This function will calculate the growth of your policy for a 12 month period, given an Opening Value at the beginning, and a Closing Value at the end of the year. It also caters for Legitimate Costs, Contributions and Withdrawals, which may be entered in the respective month number. Clicking on the Calculate button will display the Nett Growth and Nett Growth Percentage of your investment for the year.

Note that Legitimate Costs does not include Admin Fees ..... largely because you are seldom given the Admin Fees, and even if you get them may they not reflect the true figure. This is not serious because we prefer to calculate it ourselves.
+ What we however need is the percentage growth of the underlying investment which investment companies elect to give us anyway, which is before deduction of their Admin Fees.
+ By entering this 'quoted' Growth Percentage (which if it is a Unit Trust or an Investment Portfolio is readily available), will the function calculate the Admin Fees ... which you may, or may not be similar to what has been stated.
+ If the Nett Growth Percentage happens to be close or equal to the Quoted Growth Percentage, can you however accept that the figure quoted is actually after costs, and will the Admin. Cost and Admin. Cost% amount be close to zero.

Opening Value : Investment name:
No. Legit. Costs----------- Contributions--------- Withdrawals-------
Closing Value: Quoted Growth % :

Calc'd Closing Value:
Nett Growth: Nett Growth%:
Admin. Fee : Admin. Fee% :