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Doctor's Aid software

Patient Record and Management system to computerize your practice.


-Keeps record of your patient's personal and medical details, allowing it to be printed

-Allows details of a Consultation to be entered, which includes ... symptoms, examination checks, diagnosis made, treatment prescribed, and own services provided and charged for. A Consultation Report and/or a Prescription may be printed after each consultation

-Keeps detail records of each patient's last 10 consultations, with examination checks in an easy-to-view column format, or printed out.
+ Ideal for patients that are seen on a regular basis, to easily monitor customisable medical parameters at the click of a button.

-The program may be used by one Doctor, but has specifically been written to run on a network, thus allowing all Doctors working together in a partnership / Business Unit to share the information on patients
+ when consulted by another Doctor in the Bus. Unit, is recorded as such

-Saves all Consultations, and prints a list for a specified period, ie. week, month, etc, showing details of consultations for each Doctor, and Fees generated

-Although the program may be supplied with a preloaded list of Diagnosis and Treatments, is there a unique feature whereby each Bus. Unit can enter their own lists of most commonly used items

-An elaborate password system is used, allowing ....
+ only Doctors to access the Consultation function,
+ a person with Clerical rights to access only certain sections for viewing or printing

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Pierre Leon Myburgh